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IMA Student Membership


IMA Student Membership
IMA is the leading professional association for management accountants and financial professionals.
  To learn more about IMA student membership and its benefits, please see the link below.

The IMA has an annual student conference.  The conference is attended by students from all over the county.  It is two days of workshops and speakers over a three day period.  Generally there are other fun events planned such as attending a professional sports game and an evening of dinner and dancing. For information, please see the link below:

Student members can receive many benefits:

  • Significantly reduced IMA membership rate
  • Opportunities for scholarships
  • Reduced fees for the CMA exam
  • Chapter members receive a discount from Gleim for CMA study materials
  • IMA NY Chapter offers student rates for all chapter meetings
  • Networking and talks by a variety of business speakers
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills


The IMA NY Chapter sponsors an annual scholarship for student members of the IMA NY Chapter. Please see the attached application for requirements. The application is due by March 1st of each year. Please contact the Chapter President for any questions. Scholarships are awarded at our end of the year Technical Dinner Meeting which is normally held in May.

IMA student members can also apply for scholarships offered by the IMA:

Forming a Student Chapter
Student chapters can be initiated by students and/or faculty member(s).
  The IMA NY Chapter is the sponsoring chapter for NYC colleges.  Depending on the type of organization, existing student organizations could affiliate with the NY Chapter.  A student chapter could also be formed from a consortium of colleges. For information, please contact the IMA NY Chapter President.

Key requirements to form a chapter are,

  • A minimum of ten students is required to form a chapter.  However groups that are smaller can affiliate with the NY Chapter.
  • Applicants must be student members of the IMA.
  • There must be a faculty advisor


Pace University IMA Student Club
A IMA Student Club was formed at Pace University in the fall of 2010.
Pace University Student Chapter Charter
The Chapter board members are:
Steve Mejia, President
Shane Sethi, Vice President
Steven Zaslavsky, Treasurer
Mansi Pandya, Director of Public Relations
Anthony Cotilletta, Director of Operations
Alba Nushi, Director of Marketing
Pauline Ioffe, Secretary
Bairj Donabedian, Faculty Advisor